Friday, December 30, 2011

33 Weeks and Counting

Normally, my due date is mid-February, however my little guy seems eager to start life early. Was hospitalized for 2 days, right before Christmas, as my blood pressure shot up. Took medication to reduce the blood pressure, which is now normal and I really need to watch my diet, so that my gestational diabetes does not act up. They also gave me a shot of cortisone in my butt, so that the baby's lungs mature faster, just in case he decides to come out early. So much for a medicine-free pregnancy. I was actually feeling great and by chance, when I saw my lung specialist, he advised me of my blood pressure. After that, I went to the pharmacy for 2 days, and they confirmed that my blood pressure was a bit on the high side. I then contacted my doctor and he had me come in for a check up and voila, he put me in the hospital immediately, which surprised me, as I really didn't feel tired or bad. I didn't have time to pack a bag, so my poor husband had to organize all my stuff for me. I admit, I am a high maintenance cat lady, so he had a lot to bring to the hospital, even if it was a short stay. I need all my creams and magic potions, otherwise I look like a scary cat lady. During my stay at the hospital, I did start seeing "black flies" in front of my eyes, which is a symptom of high blood pressure. It actually looked like large black dust particles.

Anyhow, that's all behind me now. I had some good bed rest, ordered a lot of baby stuff online, as I'm really not ready yet and had my last ultrasound today. The baby measures normally, heart is in good condition and he weighs around 2kgs.

For good measure, the doctor has asked a mid-wife to visit me 3 times a week. She brings a monitoring machine and registers the baby's heartbeat for 30 minutes, takes my urine sample and blood pressure. The machine can also tell if I have any contractions. During the first visit, I actually had 3 contractions during the 30 minutes! I didn't even feel them, but she said the machine never lies. During the second visit, no contractions, so I guess bed rest does really make a difference.

The care in France is top notch! I'm in really good hands, feeling very zen and it's all going to happen very soon! So exciting! Just need to keep this bun in the oven for a few more weeks and then it's rock and roll!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

6-1/2 Months and Counting

Getting closer! 2-1/2 months to go and we'll get to meet our little guy (yippee!)

Registered for the following courses that is 100% covered by the French social security (double yippee!):

-3 x aqua gym classes (which is heavenly for my back and leg cramps)



-baby care

-2 x fetal monitoring from a mid-wife closer to the time of delivery

My asthma started to come back a bit at the end of November, so I did use the inhaler once and felt much better. To be cautious, I've taken an appointment with the lung specialist again for next week.

Recently found out that I have gestational diabetes. The test is quite simple, I had a blood test, then drank a tall glass of sugar water and they took a blood test after the first and second hour. My sugar level was just a wee bit over the limit, which sucks because I luvvv to eat. Went to the specialist and now I need to prick my finger 6 times a day and measure my sugar level (before and after each meal). This is no big deal, because they gave me a little gadget that does all the work and I'm so used to getting shots during IVF treatment that I'm now a pro at taking it. Honestly, the prick to the finger feels like a little pinch. I also need to watch what I eat. Nothing too strict, but I need to limit my starch intake, no desserts and avoid sugar, as much as possible! I didn't know this, but bananas have a very high level of sugar content. Anyhow, I've been measuring my sugar level and it's been normal, so I suppose I'm being good for now, however this is going to be hard with Christmas coming up! The risk to the baby is that he will be too big and I may need to have a C-section if that is the case, but the doctor thinks that if I control my diet well, all should be fine. The diabetes should also go away after giving birth, so that is a relief! However, I do need to lose some pounds after the birth so I don't get it in the future. I suppose my love for food has finally caught up with me :-(

Feeling the baby more, although nothing dramatic, I feel tender kicks from time to time (mostly in the morning and evening). I've gained 7 kilos so far, my blood pressure is good and feeling quite energetic.

Happy Holidays and be sure to eat some extra desserts for me for Christmas! I suppose I'll be tasting all the yummy stuff with my eyes and nose!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Baby Names, Baby Clothes, Baby Baby Baby!

Our little bundle of joy will be arriving in about 3 months and we are still struggling with finding the right name for our little boy. For the moment, the French name Jules is in the lead (pronounced Jool in French and Jools in English). We like the name Jules and I think it's original, however in the French culture it's apparently quite a common name. I also like Noa, Julien or Maxim, but my hubby is not crazy about those names. I've given the responsibility of finding an original middle name to my mom and she's struggling also.

I've started to buy some baby wear, but what size should I really be buying for a newborn? They grow so fast and who knows what size they will be when they actually arrive. So far I've bought onesies for a 1 month old baby. The newborn size just looks so small and by the time I wash it, it will probably shrink. As for the pyjamas, I think I should buy for a 3 month old, because with the washing shrinkage factor and the diaper and onesie underneath, I imagine the baby will feel like a tight little muffin in a newborn or 1 month old PJ. What to do, what to do?

I'm now feeling regular movements from the baby. I must admit, I do get startled sometimes when the baby moves. I feel like this is all a dream and I'm just getting fat, but I'm actually having a baby, very soon! I feel so blessed and I'm enjoying every second of being pregnant! Life is good! Heck, it's grrrreat!

Here's a little belly or shall I say a big belly shot of me. I always thought it was cheesy posting these types of photos, so I guess I've become a huge cheeseball myself and happy to be one! This is me at about 5-1/2 months. I feel like the Pillsbury Doughboy or more like Pillsbury Doughboy's big fat pregnant sister! Poke me and I'll giggle!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Solution to Pregnancy Leg Cramps

Started feeling some mild leg cramps during the night and although it's not as bad as a charley horse, it did wake me up from my deep slumber.

My hubby gave me a very good suggestion, which works quite well. Sit up on the bed with your legs stretched out. Point your toes towards the ceiling (do not point your toes like a ballerina or that will make it worse) and pull on your big toe. Seems a bit silly, but it worked for me. My hubby actually learned this as a kid when he took swimming lessons. The instructor told him to pull on his big toe if he ever gets leg cramps in the pool.

Voila, a simple solution to a pesky problem.

Friday, October 21, 2011

5 months and Counting

Went for my 2nd trimester ultrasound and we finally learned the gender of our baby. We're having a boy! Now we can start thinking of names and start buying some clothes and baby equipment.

My asthma got pretty bad from end of August to mid October. Laying down made it worse, so sleeping was minimal. I was taking Ventalistin, which is a type of inhaler that helped at the beginning, but I ended up taking it every 2 hours, as the asthma got worse. Physical activity and even talking wiped me out, so I went to see a lung specialist and he gave me a new inhaler, which worked instantly. I was breathing normally within a minute and although I really wanted this pregnancy to be medicine free, I relented and accepted this new treatment. Well, not totally. I'm supposed to use the new inhaler every morning and evening for 30 days, but I ended up using it for only 3 days and I feel like my normal self again. So asthma is under control (even non-existent) and I feel great.

My hubby finally started converting the garage into a baby room. He's redone the electricity, pipes for the bathroom, new insulation in the ceiling, took away about 4 trucks of gravel and they poured the cement last week. A lot of work done and still a lot to do, but I'm glad it's finally happening.

Had a meeting with the "sage femme" which is a midwife in France. They are the team that supports you during the delivery. I kind of pressed her about wanting a c-section, as I'm a bit stressed about delivering downtown. She reassured me that the best method is delivering down there and that I need to have confidence that the baby and I can do this. The other week on the television, they showed a lady giving birth and we had to change the channel as we got so scared. Oh boy! Well, I'm not going to stress about that now, I'll deal with that later. On a positive note, my hubby has finally agreed to be with me during the birth. He gets faint at the sight of blood and needles, but I told him to be by my side during the event and to be sure to stay north and not to look south. I've got an aqua gym class in November to take and they will teach us the breathing techniques to use for the delivery. After that, I've got about 4 hours of courses to take with regard to taking care of the baby, breastfeeding, birthing, etc. In France they give us pregnant ladies really good support and education throughout this whole process.

-Weight gain: 4 kilos (doctors are happy that I have been relatively good about food, since I had a lot of bad habits of eating chips, cake, etc.).
-Baby movements: not really feeling too much yet and during the ultrasound the baby was quite calm. The doctor said not to worry, as it's my first pregnancy and should be feeling more by the end of the month.
-Maternity wear: bought my first pair of maternity jeans and they are sooo comfy! Heck, everyone should be wearing a pair, pregnant or not, elastic waist pants rock!

Next OB appointment, 21 November.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

First and hopefully last meltdown

Had my first meltdown last week. I've been having a lot of difficulty breathing during sleeping time and the only thing that seems to help is when I sit up completely straight. Therefore, I am a bit sleep deprived. I've had a bit of a cough, a very stuffed up nose, and difficulty breathing, so I went to the doctor and discovered that I have asthma, which is what I was afraid of. The doctor is not sure how I got asthma, but I suspect it's my cats. Although I love cats, I do have an allergy to them. In general, I've been able to cope with it and with time it got a little bit better. However, this year, I think with the 2nd cat that is living full-time in our house and with her gorgeous long hair, it has affected my body. Thus, I think my allergies escalated to asthma. Thank goodness the other 6 cats live outdoors. The doctor has prescribed 2 inhalers for treatment, but I'm really weary of taking any type of medicine at this stage.

Finding out I had asthma is not the end of the world, but it really scares me when I can't breathe well. On the same day, I didn't close the freezer door correctly, so everything melted! Furthermore, I'm worried, because my hubby has not started converting the garage into a 2nd bedroom for the baby and time is ticking. All of this made me feel a bit overwhelmed and I had a mini-meltdown with tears, runny nose, etc. I imagined that I would stop breathing, that the baby would be sleeping in our dresser and I felt extremely guilty of all the food we'd have to throw away from the freezer. Well, there's always a solution to every problem. My husband bought me a Hepa air filter, which I'm hoping will help with the asthma plus I'm now vacuuming everyday. My husband cleaned out the freezer for me - what a sweetheart - and this week he started working on the 2nd bedroom. I'm usually not a cry baby, so I will blame this episode on my hormones and I think I'm allowed at least 1 meltdown during pregnancy. I realize that my problems are not really big or serious, so I'm back to my cool collected self....for now at least.

Had my OB appointment today and all is well. On the ultrasound, the baby was sucking his/her thumb, it was so adorable. I lost 1 kg since last month, so the doctor was really pleased and my blood pressure went down, so that was also good news. So far, I've only gained 1 kg since the beginning of my pregnancy. I was a bit worried that it was not enough, but the doctor said it was fine and to continue not eating too much. In France, they are really strict about diet and gaining weight. He said that I should know the sex of the baby at my next rendezvous, which is the 21 October. Can't wait!

Monday, September 5, 2011

15 Weeks and Counting

Nothing too exciting to report. I do have a minor issue like protein in my urine. It's very minimal so the doctor said nothing to worry about at this stage, however we do need to continue monitoring it. Each month, we also monitor the sugar in my kidneys, which is absent, yippee, as this can cause diabetes during pregnancy. Got the results back and the baby has 1/2500 chance for trisomy/Down's syndrome, which means we are in the low risk group. Gained 2 kg and the doctor was not happy. He wants me to gain only 1 kg per month for the moment. Each time I see the doctor, the first thing he wants me to do is step on the scale. I have never felt so guilty about my weight before! Grrrrr! My normal pants no longer fit my waist, so I'm wearing a lot of jogging pants and skirts (which don't zip up all the way - *big sigh*). Went shopping for some maternity clothes, but they were either extremely ugly or too big for me. I suppose I'm at that in between stage in which my regular clothes are very uncomfortable and maternity wear is too big. I did manage to find a cute black and white stripped t-shirt with a red heart in the middle.

Next OB appointment is the 14 September and I hope to find out if we are having a boy or girl. I don't know why, but my hubby and I think it will be a girl.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Starting 2nd Trimester

Went for an ultrasound yesterday and the doctor was pleased with the development of the baby, who is now measuring at 7.5 cm with a steady heartbeat of 145 bpm. So amazing! This time around it was quite interesting, as we got to see in detail the head, brain, hands, feet and even his/her little bottom. The baby didn't move too much, I suppose he/she was in a zen state of mind. Probable date of delivery will be anytime from the 13 to 16 February 2012. Perhaps a Valentine's Day baby! The doctor concluded that he did not see any anomalies and I am so thankful for this. Today I did a blood test and on the 18 August I'll see my OB to get a report on the risk of trisomy.

Still haven't felt any major pregnancy symptoms, except for 2 days when I was a bit constipated, with a lot of blocked gas inside of me. I literally sat on the toilet for an hour and a half, trying to do my business, experiencing major abdominal pains, since everything was stuck. My face was all sweaty and I just wanted to pass out so that I didn't have to feel the pain anymore. Horrible feeling! At one point, I lied down on the bed and had my hubby rub my stomach. This seemed to help move the gas around. Now when I go number 2 or pass gas, I am so grateful and thank my lucky stars. Whoever thought such a simple task would become so difficult. The minor pregnancy symptoms I feel are tender and larger breasts, tiredness and my belly is now starting to stick out, but I don't look pregnant. I just look like I've got a bit of a beer belly. Oh well. Haven't bought any maternity clothes yet, sill squeezing into my regular clothes. I don't really want to spend money on clothes that I will never wear again. I'm hoping I can get through the summer without buying anything and then buy some maternity wear for fall and winter.

Nothing too exciting and I'm darn lucky that this pregnancy has been uneventful thus far. Hoping for more of the same for the next 6 months.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

To Mrs BabyDream

I am completely frustrated, because I am unable to post comments on other blogs. Whenever I try to post, it wants me to login, even though I am already logged in!

Anyhow, I wanted to send out a message to Mrs BabyDream at I'm really sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. Please know that I am following you, however in silence, as I am unable to post comments. Take care and I hope you are able to find a little bit of comfort in counselling.

Monday, July 25, 2011

8 Weeks and Counting

Went for another check-up and everything seems to be on track. The doctor said I'm actually 8 weeks pregnant. I thought I was a bit more further along, but I guess I calculated incorrectly. Had an ultrasound and the baby was moving its legs and arms like crazy. He/she is a busy little nugget, measuring now at 4 cm!

I still don't have any real pregnancy symptoms. At this stage, my only problem is my weight. Doctor does not want me to gain more than 1kg per month for the next 3 months, otherwise I am at risk of getting diabetes. He told me to be careful of what I eat and try to cut out the salt and sugar. This is going to be really tough, as I love to eat! I thought being pregnant meant that I can eat to my hearts content and get as fat as I want without feeling guilty...WRONG! Sheesh!

I've got another ultrasound and blood tests coming up in mid-August. Testing for chromosomal abnormalities.

Next project: turning the garage into a second bedroom. This has been a 2 year project that has been on hold due to a lack of motivation. Now we have a deadline so we've got to get cracking!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Meet and Greet

I was able to get an earlier follow-up appointment with the fertility clinic and I was able to meet my little nugget today, who measures at 17mm. . It was incredible to see the form of a teeny tiny baby with a fluttering heart. Then I heard the heartbeat, so steady and quick. Boom boom boom! Simply amazing! The second embryo that we transferred did not make it. It stopped growing at about 12mm. No explanation given, however we are happy, as we will have our hands full with at least one.

I'm about 8 weeks pregnant and I haven't felt any strong pregnancy symptoms yet, except for some sore breasts, tiredness and clothes feeling a bit tighter. I'll be going off progesterone in 3 days.

I have my first OB appointment on Monday. Can't believe this is all happening. A really exciting and unique time in our lives. At the moment, all I can do is look at the photo of our little nugget and gaze at it in awe.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

La Vie Est Belle

The result for my 2nd Beta is 1927, so everything is on track. Wow, this all still seems so unreal! Still taking my prenatal pills and progesterone 2 times a day. Feeling great, no cramps, no pregnancy symptoms yet, except for one. At least I think it's a pregnancy symptom. I'm farting quite a bit or at least more than usual. Sorry, I think I shared too much, so I'll leave it at that.

Booked an appointment with the doctor for the 11 July 2011. It was the first available appointment I could get. I'm a bit worried, as I would have liked my first appointment to be a bit earlier, but these doctors seem to be crazy busy. They don't seem to care if you are a worried first timer, it's based on first come first served for these precious appointments. Oh well, c'est la vie et la vie est belle!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Magic Number Is....

I am a poor egg producer, both my ovaries are covered with cysts and I still have Endometriosis, however I have beaten the odds! I have a bun in the oven! I'm knocked up! I have a big fat positive!

At the lab, I asked for my results and the receptionist handed me the envelope. I snatched it from his hands and right there and then I ripped it open with all my might. I'm surprised I didn't get a paper cut from opening the envelope like a crazy lady. The result was, as the French say, POSITIF! BTW, the magic number is 127.

I know I still have a long ways to go, and I need to retest on Monday, but this a golden moment and I am relishing in it!! This is a happy happy day and I'm doing my happy happy dance!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

BETA Countdown

So far Aunt Flo has respected my request to stay away. Merci, merci, merci!

Here's a short summary of my activities and how I've been feeling physically since my FET.

Monday: FET in the afternoon. Feeling good the rest of the day. Stayed in bed most of the time and did some light cooking in the evening.
Tuesday: Feeling good and stayed in bed for most of the day. Did some light cooking for lunch and dinner.
Wednesday: Had mild cramps in my lower back in the afternoon for about an hour. Made lunch and dinner.
Thursday: Had mild cramps in my legs early in the morning for about an hour. Made lunch along with some light cleaning around the house. Went out for dinner with friends.
Friday: Cramp free day. Did the cooking and went grocery shopping.
Saturday: This morning started having some mild cramps in my abdominal area, but after a good rest and lunch in bed, the cramps went away.

Each day I don't have my period, I consider it a small victory, since this is the time of the month that it comes, like clockwork. With each day that passes my hope grows, but these cramping episodes do throw me off, however when I normally get menstrual cramps they don't go away. For the moment, since the cramps go away after about an hour, I feel reassured. 4 more days until BETA!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Aunt Flo Stay the Hell Away From Me!

The transfer is over and now it's the waiting game. Rather than going stir crazy, You Tube has a great variety of my favourite sitcoms such as Frasier, Roseanne, Cheers, Taxi, Everyone Hates Chris, etc. They say laughter is the best medicine. Perhaps I'm not sick, but I'm certainly sick of waiting.

6 more days until the the blood test, unless I get my period prior, which is a possibility. Yesterday late afternoon I started feeling cramps in my lower back, a sign of Aunt Flo knocking at my door. I was quite alarmed and went running to the bathroom, checking for any type of spotting. Nothing thus far (hallelujah!). During my sleep I got some mild cramps in my legs, so again I went running to the bathroom and again, nothing (phew!). The cramps didn't stay for too long, but my body usually have these types of cramps prior to a visit from Aunt Flo.

Stay home Aunt Flo! Take a break for 9 months or better yet go on a holiday! Heck, I'll welcome you back with open arms after 9 months, but just this once in my life I want you out of my life on a temporary basis. Please oh please, forget about me, forget my name, forget I exist!

On another note, I'm unable to post comments on other blogs for some strange reason. When I try to post, blogspot does not recognize that I am signed in. Really frustrating! Any help would be welcomed.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hysteroscopy, Cervical Dilation, Transfer Test, FET

This past month I've been getting ready for my FET (frozen embryo transfer).

Started Gonal F injections earlier this month with minimal dosage prescribed. Went for the usual blood tests and ultrasounds to monitor everything.

In March they could not do the transfer due to the catheter getting blocked in my cervix, so I had a hysteroscopy, which confirmed that the entry to my uterus is very complicated, therefore they performed a cervical dilation, which opened up the entry to my uterus to make transfer easier.

Went in for a mock transfer with 2 doctors and they were not able to place the catheter in my uterus. Cervix still very much tight and closed off.

Went in for another mock transfer with a different doctor. She was able to place the catheter, however with a lot of difficulty.

Had the FET yesterday with not 1 but 2 doctors! They said it was the most challenging transfer they had in their whole career and although difficult, they managed to place the catheter in the right place. This was confirmed with an abdominal and vaginal ultrasound. 2 blastocysts were placed into their new home and hopefully they will feel comfortable enough to stay for 9 months.

Although I've done 3 IVF cycles, I feel like this is the one where I have a real chance. The first IVF cycle was a bust since we didn't produce any embryos. The second IVF cycle was another bust, as they misplaced the embryos during transfer. They did it in 5 minutes and did not notice any cervical complexities. This time, my third and hopefully last cycle, in the hands of a new and wonderful doctor, I've got 5 frozen blastocysts and the transfer this time around was done correctly.

For the moment I'm resting up and I am anxiously waiting to have my first blood test on the 8th June! Can't wait!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

A long and winding my uterus

Had an ultrasound and the doctor has concluded that I have a tricky path to my uterus, which twists the catheter. They want me to take a break this month (big sigh). Next month I will have a hysteroscopy. They will go in with a camera, hoping to make a better opening to my uterus and take notes on how to get in for the transfer. Heck, I feel like they need a GPS to guide them into my uterus - go left, turn right, make a U turn and you've arrived! We hope to do the transfer by the end of May. I would prefer that they use an ultrasound as a guide during the transfer, however it seems that in France they don't do that. Strange. It seems like that would be the easier way to do this.

More waiting, however I'm happy and grateful that they are taking every precaution to ensure that I have the best chance of making this work. In the meantime, I'm keeping busy with spring cleaning in my garden. In the south of France, everything grows so quickly and in a blink of an eye our small garden can turn into a jungle. I even planted a small herb garden with parsley, rosemary, coriander and basil.

Last but not least, thanks to those who leave comments. It's very encouraging and I appreciate your positive support! Merci buckets!

Basil, rosemary, parsley and coriander, my favourite herbs to cook with. Smells so lovely!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Awkward Moment

Yesterday, we were at my mother-in-law's place with our accountant, trying to organize our receipts and invoices. In the middle of organizing our paperwork, I mentioned to my mother-in-law that it was Titi's birthday today. Our accountant asked if Titi was our niece and I said no, Titi is our cat. The accountant burst out laughing. Our accountant is a sweetheart and I have no hard feelings towards her, but I did feel quite childless at that moment. I suppose only a woman without a child would mention her cat's birthday. Anyhow, with or without child, I love my cat, so Happy 8th Birthday to my sweet Titi.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Good News & Bad News

The good news is that all 5 embryos survived the 5 days (I think 5 is now my lucky number) - yippee! Furthermore, the doc says that all 5 are of very good quality - double yippee! At this point I was on cloud nine, I couldn't have imagined a better outcome for the embies after 5 days.

The plan was to transfer 2 and freeze 3. Went in yesterday for the transfer, all happy and giddy, and like last time, I thought the procedure would take about 5 minutes. Boy was I wrong. The doctor had an extremely hard time placing the catheter in my uterus. They tried using all different types of catheter tubes (soft, rigid, etc.). Then they tried changing my position several times by raising and lowering my butt. Then they looked at past scans of my uterus to see if I had a weird curve to the uterus. After 2 hours, 6 tries and many bent catheter tubes, the doctor concluded that I have some kind of blockage to the entrance of my uterus. She didn't want to take a risk by placing the 2 embryos in the wrong place, therefore, the transfer was postponed and all 5 embryos had to be frozen.

Was I down? Certainly, but I am grateful to have such a conscientious doctor. She asked if my last doctor had a hard time with the transfer and I told her that they did it in less than 5 minutes. My doctor believes that they must have misplaced the embryos last time, because my uterus has a serious blockage. My hubby and I are really upset with the other hospital and we will certainly write a letter of complaint. Thank goodness we decided to change clinics, I always felt like the other hospital cared more about the quantity of patients they had, rather than the rate of success. My doctor felt really bad. She said that there was nothing in my file indicating that the transfer was difficult last time, so she didn't test my uterus for blockage before I started my IVF treatment. It certainly was not my doctor's fault. I am so mad about the year I lost with the other hospital, with a team of doctors that are obviously incompetent and simply don't care. I shudder to think what if I had not changed hospitals, did 4 IVF cycles with them, all failing, thinking I was not capable of getting pregnant, but it was actually due to the fact that they misplaced the embryo each time. Really scary! My husband and I believe that the other hospital operates more like a business, motivated by money. The more clients they can pass through, as quickly as possible, the more money they get. They could care less if their patients get pregnant or not. Really sad and pathetic.

I'm to have an ultrasound in about 2 weeks. She's going to figure out what is blocking my uterus and take it from there. Although I have to wait again, at least I'm in very capable hands and I have 5 embryos waiting for me. Now it's just the waiting game, which I'm an expert at, unfortunately.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

A New Personal Record

Got a call from the doctor this morning and she was pleased to advise that we have 5 embryos! A personal best for us! First IVF cycle, we had 0 embryos, second cycle we had 2 and for this third cycle we have 5! Not a world record, but a personal best that's for sure. It totally exceeded my expectations.

Usually transfers can take place 48 hours, 72 hours or 5 days after retrieval. The doctor has suggested we wait out the 5 days, so that they can see how the embryos develop and choose the best one or two for transfer. I totally agree and have read many articles that a 5 day transfer has more of a success rate. The downside is that the embryos may not survive the 5 days, but I'm going to stay hopeful.

Tonight, we are going out for dinner to celebrate our 5 embryos! We'll have champagne and Thai food!

To be continued...

Thursday, March 24, 2011

3rd and Hopefully Final Retrieval

Was feeling down in the dumps, so I haven't been updating. Full of emotions for this 3rd round of IVF and it has put a lot of tension on myself and our marriage. I was feeling like my hubby didn't get it, meaning how infertility can be extremely difficult. I also felt like it wouldn't bother him so much if it didn't work out, if we have a baby, great, if not, c'est la vie, no big deal. After some yelling matches, frustrations, and tears we were finally able to understand that we want the same thing, ie: have a baby, but we express it in different ways and that although IVF has been difficult on me, as a woman, it's also is stressful for a man. We are on the same page, but sometimes we read things with a different perspective. After all of our recent arguments and fights, I do feel closer to my hubby and that we can go forward, stronger as a couple (but it did take a lot of time to get there!).

Went in for retrieval this morning. Went smoothly, had general anaesthetic, and feeling fine, which is great, because the last 2 times I had abdominal pain. We have 10 follicles, which is a record for me, so great news, but we are not sure how many of these follicles are mature enough to be eggs, so not getting overly excited.

We are to call the clinic on Saturday morning to get an update. If all is ok, transfer could be as soon as Saturday, in 2 days!

Feeling a lot of pressure for this to work - it's our 3rd and hopefully final round of IVF.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Need those Follies to Grow!

Started Menopur last week and had my first ultrasound yesterday. They see around 11 follicles, but they are very small and think that if I'm lucky there are only about 6-7 that might be good. Go for another ultrasound and blood test tomorrow. Doctor said that both ovaries are quite damaged by the cysts, so getting some good quality eggs will be tough. Let's hope that my ovaries can produce at least a few quality eggs for me by next week!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Big Hot Mess

I spoke too soon. Although IVF #3 started uneventfully, my gosh, it then turned into a roller coaster ride! I thought popping pills was going to be a smooth ride, but I didn't imagine what was waiting for me. I didn't have too many side effects from my previous 2 IVF cycles and I'm someone who doesn't even really get PMS, but I turned into a big hot mess when I started Provames (form of estrogen). Felt extremely nauseous (what a horrible feeling), had a splitting headache, fatigue and major abdominal pains. Furthermore, I hate to admit it, but this cool and calm Cat Lady wept, wailed, and cried like a crazy lady...I didn't think this med would have such an affect on me. Perhaps it was a mixture of the meds and all my insecurities coming out of me. I think the worst is over as I'm feeling a bit better today, but I seriously felt like a zombie being tortured by my raging hormones. I still need to continue the meds for the rest of the week and will be switching over to the Menopur injection. The sooner the better, because every time I take this pill, it scares the hell out of me!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Uneventful Start to IVF #3

I have officially started IVF #3 today - yippee! Usually when I start my IVF cycle, I wait for the nurse to come by each evening. She carefully prepares the needle, while I stare at it, craving for the hormones that will help me get to where I need to go. I lift up my shirt, close my eyes and she stabs me in my belly. Ok, I may be a tad bit dramatic. My new doctor has completely changed my protocol and I'm starting out with pills this time round. Popping a pill twice a day, every morning and evening, for 1 week. Very uneventful and darn right boring. The pill, Provames, is a form of estrogen that will help my body prepare for the next stage in IVF. Eventful or uneventful, I am so happy to start the process again! This time around may the sun shine on me, the stars be perfectly aligned, the fertility god give me a helping hand and I welcome any other forces that will make this cycle THE ONE.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Making a Baby Redefined

I always thought I'd get knocked up the old fashioned way. Going to first base (kissing), heading towards second base and so on until we hit a home run. Unfortunately we've been striking out, so now we need to redefine the bases.

We hit first base today, successfully. First base in my world consists of a lot of paperwork (photocopying our ID, marriage certificate, signing consent forms, etc.)and getting various tests done. Our paperwork with the new doctor is now in order. Results are in and the Cat Man's sperm is normal (yippee, at least one of us is) and my blood tests are fine so our new doctor has given us the green light for our 3rd IVF cycle, starting on the 3 March. Unfortunately, I still have the pesky cyst on my right ovary (25mm).

Second base starts on 3 March with a lot of meds, injections, bloating,etc.

Third base is retrieval and transfer. Retrieval will be around the 21 March and transfer to be around the 25 March.

Home run is if we get that big fat positive!

I am running the bases full speed ahead. That pesky cyst better not get in my way or I will run it down! I've also got a great team to support me (hubby, doctors, nurses, even the government who is paying for most of this treatment and last but not least, my kitties who give me a lot of love and snuggles). I'm determined to make a baby, even if it involves different types of bases and a whole team of people to help us out. Can not make a baby the old fashioned way, but thank goodness there are alternatives for the fertility challenged.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Canada, IVF iphone App & Waiting

Went to Canada for 5 weeks, visiting family and friends, and enjoying the winter season. I'm now back in France and waiting anxiously for my next IVF appointment, which is the 22 February. I had to cancel the appointment in January, as I wasn't able to get all the tests done, since I was in the land of the true north, strong and free. The Cat Man got all of his sperm tests done and I need to wait for my next period in order to get my blood test done to see where my hormone levels are at (hopefully they are not raging too badly).

While I was in Canada, a new IVF predict iphone app came out, which can apparently give you a "personalised prediction of your chance of success with IVF." I am a hopeful IVFer so I was curious and tried it out. I have a 15.7% chance of success!
OMG! Does this mean give up and forget about it or is there a glimmer of hope?
Is the glass half empty or half full? In my case, my glass is 84.3% empty! Well, no app is going to stop me from trying. For those fellow IVFers that are curious about this app it can be found at

In the meantime, I'm waiting for the 22 February to roll around so that I can start IVF cycle #3 with a hopeful and optimistic perspective.