Saturday, June 4, 2011

BETA Countdown

So far Aunt Flo has respected my request to stay away. Merci, merci, merci!

Here's a short summary of my activities and how I've been feeling physically since my FET.

Monday: FET in the afternoon. Feeling good the rest of the day. Stayed in bed most of the time and did some light cooking in the evening.
Tuesday: Feeling good and stayed in bed for most of the day. Did some light cooking for lunch and dinner.
Wednesday: Had mild cramps in my lower back in the afternoon for about an hour. Made lunch and dinner.
Thursday: Had mild cramps in my legs early in the morning for about an hour. Made lunch along with some light cleaning around the house. Went out for dinner with friends.
Friday: Cramp free day. Did the cooking and went grocery shopping.
Saturday: This morning started having some mild cramps in my abdominal area, but after a good rest and lunch in bed, the cramps went away.

Each day I don't have my period, I consider it a small victory, since this is the time of the month that it comes, like clockwork. With each day that passes my hope grows, but these cramping episodes do throw me off, however when I normally get menstrual cramps they don't go away. For the moment, since the cramps go away after about an hour, I feel reassured. 4 more days until BETA!


Mrs BabyDream said...

Sounds really promising!!!

ericadouglas said...

Fingers crossed for you! (In Germany, you 'hold your thumbs' for good luck instead of the American crossed fingers - what do they do in Canada and France?)

The Cat Lady said...

@erica douglas:
Thanks for the fingers crossed and thumbs held :-) I need all the luck possible.

In Canada and France we cross our fingers/croise les doigts.

Krista said...

Praying praying praying!!!

Stephanie Jean-Louis said...

Thinking of you - is your beta today or tomorrow?

The Cat Lady said...

BETA is tomorrow (Wednesday). Go in the morning to draw blood and results will be in at 18:00. Feeling good! Still no period and no cramps! I think this may be it!!

womb for improvement said...

Best of luck tomorrow. I'll be checking in on you.