Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Good News & Bad News

The good news is that all 5 embryos survived the 5 days (I think 5 is now my lucky number) - yippee! Furthermore, the doc says that all 5 are of very good quality - double yippee! At this point I was on cloud nine, I couldn't have imagined a better outcome for the embies after 5 days.

The plan was to transfer 2 and freeze 3. Went in yesterday for the transfer, all happy and giddy, and like last time, I thought the procedure would take about 5 minutes. Boy was I wrong. The doctor had an extremely hard time placing the catheter in my uterus. They tried using all different types of catheter tubes (soft, rigid, etc.). Then they tried changing my position several times by raising and lowering my butt. Then they looked at past scans of my uterus to see if I had a weird curve to the uterus. After 2 hours, 6 tries and many bent catheter tubes, the doctor concluded that I have some kind of blockage to the entrance of my uterus. She didn't want to take a risk by placing the 2 embryos in the wrong place, therefore, the transfer was postponed and all 5 embryos had to be frozen.

Was I down? Certainly, but I am grateful to have such a conscientious doctor. She asked if my last doctor had a hard time with the transfer and I told her that they did it in less than 5 minutes. My doctor believes that they must have misplaced the embryos last time, because my uterus has a serious blockage. My hubby and I are really upset with the other hospital and we will certainly write a letter of complaint. Thank goodness we decided to change clinics, I always felt like the other hospital cared more about the quantity of patients they had, rather than the rate of success. My doctor felt really bad. She said that there was nothing in my file indicating that the transfer was difficult last time, so she didn't test my uterus for blockage before I started my IVF treatment. It certainly was not my doctor's fault. I am so mad about the year I lost with the other hospital, with a team of doctors that are obviously incompetent and simply don't care. I shudder to think what if I had not changed hospitals, did 4 IVF cycles with them, all failing, thinking I was not capable of getting pregnant, but it was actually due to the fact that they misplaced the embryo each time. Really scary! My husband and I believe that the other hospital operates more like a business, motivated by money. The more clients they can pass through, as quickly as possible, the more money they get. They could care less if their patients get pregnant or not. Really sad and pathetic.

I'm to have an ultrasound in about 2 weeks. She's going to figure out what is blocking my uterus and take it from there. Although I have to wait again, at least I'm in very capable hands and I have 5 embryos waiting for me. Now it's just the waiting game, which I'm an expert at, unfortunately.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the five frozen embryos! What a great number and what a great doctor to be so diligent and careful with you.
I hope all goes well with the ultrasound and it's something easily fixable so you can get those embryos back inside you where they belong.

Nicole said...

I am so happy for your 5 embryos!! That is amazing.. definitely worth a happy dance!!

I can't believe that other hospital.. I am so glad you are at a new place. This doctor seems like he really cares and knows what he's doing. I hope all goes well at your ultrasound and they get those embryos in there soon!!

Mrs BabyDream said...

Omg! Thank god you changed clinics! I would seriously get on to previous clinic to complain.

Great news about 5 blasts. A FET is so much easier than a fresh cycle. Best of luck!

Anonymous said...

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