December 2001: The Canadian Cat Lady marries the French Cat Man

2002 to 2006: We adopt 4 cats

Sometime in 2007: TTC - Trying to conceive

April 2009: Diagnosed with Endometriosis

May 2009: Colonoscopy procedure done and nothing abnormal found

June 2009: Laparotomy surgery - full abdominal incision to take out the cysts on left and right ovary and some that were stuck on the intestines

July 2009: 6 month hormone treatment which induced menopausal symptoms to try and dry up the rest of the cysts and to give my ovaries a rest

November 2009: 4cm cyst on my left ovary came back

December 2009: Went for a consultation at the fertility clinic

April 2010: After review and further tests Doctor proposes IVF

June 2010: IVF #1 a bust. Retrieved 6 follicles, 4 of them mature, 0 embryos produced

November 2010: IVF #2 a bust. Retrieved 7 follicles, 3 of them mature, 2 embryos produced and transferred, resulting in BFN.

26 November 2010: Appointment with a new IVF clinic as we did not feel comfortable with present doctor and hospital. New doctor discovers another cyst on my right ovary of about 2.5cm.

March 2011: IVF #3 with new doctor. Retrieved 10 follicles, 5 embryos produced and frozen. Transfer on hold due to blockage at the entrance of my uterus.

May 2011:  Transfer 2 embryos

June 2011:  FET a success, I'm pregnant!

February 2012: Gave birth to a healthy baby boy!