Monday, September 5, 2011

15 Weeks and Counting

Nothing too exciting to report. I do have a minor issue like protein in my urine. It's very minimal so the doctor said nothing to worry about at this stage, however we do need to continue monitoring it. Each month, we also monitor the sugar in my kidneys, which is absent, yippee, as this can cause diabetes during pregnancy. Got the results back and the baby has 1/2500 chance for trisomy/Down's syndrome, which means we are in the low risk group. Gained 2 kg and the doctor was not happy. He wants me to gain only 1 kg per month for the moment. Each time I see the doctor, the first thing he wants me to do is step on the scale. I have never felt so guilty about my weight before! Grrrrr! My normal pants no longer fit my waist, so I'm wearing a lot of jogging pants and skirts (which don't zip up all the way - *big sigh*). Went shopping for some maternity clothes, but they were either extremely ugly or too big for me. I suppose I'm at that in between stage in which my regular clothes are very uncomfortable and maternity wear is too big. I did manage to find a cute black and white stripped t-shirt with a red heart in the middle.

Next OB appointment is the 14 September and I hope to find out if we are having a boy or girl. I don't know why, but my hubby and I think it will be a girl.