Friday, November 26, 2010

New Fertility Clinic

Went to the new fertility clinic and we were really happy to find a doctor that takes the time to get to know our medical history, give us her point of view and answers all of our questions with detail and precision. Really a thorough doctor. She spent an hour and a half with us! It is the complete opposite from the other clinic, where I felt like a number, everyone is always in a hurry, very minimal communication between doctor and patient and we all get more or less the same treatment for IVF.

Here is a summary of our meeting:
-She said that my operation last year for endometriosis was done by an excellent surgeon. In many cases after the operation the ovaries can stop working due to the size of the cysts I had and scar tissues that can develop after surgery. After reading all of my medical history and results, she is surprised that my ovaries are still working.
-Since I have severe endometriosis, along with a cyst that came back last year, plus my age, it is possible to keep trying, however we need to be realistic and hope that nature will be on our side during our next IVF cycle. As my ovaries are damaged goods, I can not expect to produce a massive amount of eggs, however we only need 1 good egg to make this all happen, so we can still hope for a successful outcome, however no guarantees can be given - message received and accepted.
-She wants to re-test the Cat Man's sperm, because the first test had some strange results.
-If we wish to switch over to her, she will change up the protocol a bit and customize my treatment according to our history, tests, etc. Wow, a doctor who actually thinks outside of the box, rather than following the same treatment sheet for everyone.

I asked her if she thought that the other clinic was competent and she was really fair and diplomatic in her reply. She actually used to work there for many years and said that they have a very good team. If I wanted to continue with the other clinic, she said that she would be happy to call my doctor and give some suggestions for the next cycle. She said it was up to me to choose and that both clinics have about the same success rates. I really respected her reply, because she could have been very negative about the other clinic, so that she would get a new patient, but it wasn't the case at all. The biggest difference is that the other doctor always kept us in the dark and this new doctor really knows how to communicate.

This clinic is private so we will have to pay for some of the costs, but it will be minimal, because the government still covers most of the expenses.

We had a really good feeling with this doctor and we will most likely switch clinics for our next IVF cycle, which will hopefully be in January 2011. If so, we've got a few tests we need to get done in December (sperm and blood tests).

Since all of this has started, this is the first time I feel reassured, realistic of our situation and informed. Not sure if it will work, but I now feel confident that we are in excellent hands, so that our chance of having a baby will be maximized.