Monday, October 18, 2010

Strike Action Coming To An End!

The "people" of France are on strike! Well, they are often on strike, but this seems to be a serious one, as the "people" are not happy with the government, raising the retirement age from 60 to 62. The "people" are taking to the streets, marching, protesting, even have a clever "operation escargot" happening, in which the protesters drive at 10km per hour on the highway, causing major traffic headaches. Furthermore, everyone is panicking over the lack of petrol, as the "people" are blocking the trucks from delivering fuel.

Traffic, trains, air flights, postal service - it's all messed up, like my ovaries. My ovaries have been on strike for so many years and I must say, like the unions in France, they are reeking havoc and disorder to the system! The "people" may or may not have reason to strike, but my ovaries certainly don't have any right to protest. Without any notice, they just decided to stop working. Wasn't even given the opportunity to negotiate some kind of compromise. Well, I'm taking direct action and getting these ovaries back to work and they will do overtime, to make up for lost time. Had a meeting with the head honchos this morning and they have given me the go ahead to continue with Gonal F, which will call off the strike and put my ovaries back to work. Desperate times call for drastic measures!