Saturday, November 5, 2011

Solution to Pregnancy Leg Cramps

Started feeling some mild leg cramps during the night and although it's not as bad as a charley horse, it did wake me up from my deep slumber.

My hubby gave me a very good suggestion, which works quite well. Sit up on the bed with your legs stretched out. Point your toes towards the ceiling (do not point your toes like a ballerina or that will make it worse) and pull on your big toe. Seems a bit silly, but it worked for me. My hubby actually learned this as a kid when he took swimming lessons. The instructor told him to pull on his big toe if he ever gets leg cramps in the pool.

Voila, a simple solution to a pesky problem.


Anonymous said...

If you keep getting leg cramps, talk to your doctor about increasing your intake of potassium and magnesium. Those can both ease leg cramps. Or just eat an extra banana or two!

Thanks for the tip about the big toe.

JustHeather said...

I'll have to remember that next time I get them. Thankfully taking magnesium has helped me loads!

Skippysmom said...

Yes,I have to agree with ericadouglas...extra intake of potassium and magnesium suggested also by my doctor helped alot. In my last trimester with my youngest, I got terrible leg cramps. Your husband's suggestion about the flexing the foot and pulling the big toe worked wonders for awhile (I learned this method from swimming, too), but my tummy got so big towards the end and it was hard to even reach my toes. The good news is, after delivering the baby, no more leg cramps! Hang in there ... you're in the last stretch.