Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Organized and Zen

Thanks for everyones comments and support. I started this blog for myself, so that I could express my inner feelings, as this journey can sometimes be lonely and frustrating, however the support of the blogging community is absolutely fantastic! Merci!

I'm as organized as one can be. I've ordered my meds from the pharmacy and it will be ready for pick up on the 25 May. I've made the appointment with the nurse to come and give me my shots, starting on 26 May. I'm so glad that we have this option in France, as I could not imagine giving myself the shot. I suppose we do what is necessary when forced, so I'm just grateful I'm not forced to do that. I am a big chicken at heart after all! I've also started taking multi-vitamins and folic acid, as prescribed by the doctor.

Now, I just have to stay zen and in a few weeks this will all really start to happen. I'm pretty positive, upbeat, calm and hopeful. No use fretting over things I cannot control. Let's see if the power of positive thinking really works :-)