Sunday, December 11, 2011

6-1/2 Months and Counting

Getting closer! 2-1/2 months to go and we'll get to meet our little guy (yippee!)

Registered for the following courses that is 100% covered by the French social security (double yippee!):

-3 x aqua gym classes (which is heavenly for my back and leg cramps)



-baby care

-2 x fetal monitoring from a mid-wife closer to the time of delivery

My asthma started to come back a bit at the end of November, so I did use the inhaler once and felt much better. To be cautious, I've taken an appointment with the lung specialist again for next week.

Recently found out that I have gestational diabetes. The test is quite simple, I had a blood test, then drank a tall glass of sugar water and they took a blood test after the first and second hour. My sugar level was just a wee bit over the limit, which sucks because I luvvv to eat. Went to the specialist and now I need to prick my finger 6 times a day and measure my sugar level (before and after each meal). This is no big deal, because they gave me a little gadget that does all the work and I'm so used to getting shots during IVF treatment that I'm now a pro at taking it. Honestly, the prick to the finger feels like a little pinch. I also need to watch what I eat. Nothing too strict, but I need to limit my starch intake, no desserts and avoid sugar, as much as possible! I didn't know this, but bananas have a very high level of sugar content. Anyhow, I've been measuring my sugar level and it's been normal, so I suppose I'm being good for now, however this is going to be hard with Christmas coming up! The risk to the baby is that he will be too big and I may need to have a C-section if that is the case, but the doctor thinks that if I control my diet well, all should be fine. The diabetes should also go away after giving birth, so that is a relief! However, I do need to lose some pounds after the birth so I don't get it in the future. I suppose my love for food has finally caught up with me :-(

Feeling the baby more, although nothing dramatic, I feel tender kicks from time to time (mostly in the morning and evening). I've gained 7 kilos so far, my blood pressure is good and feeling quite energetic.

Happy Holidays and be sure to eat some extra desserts for me for Christmas! I suppose I'll be tasting all the yummy stuff with my eyes and nose!

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