Monday, September 27, 2010

Here We Go Again - IVF Attempt Number 2

I was 36 years old for IVF attempt number 1. I am now 37 years old for IVF attempt number 2 (big sigh). Anyhow, no use moaning, started IVF treatment today with a simple injection of Decapeptyl. The nurse came by to give me my shot, as I still don't care to stab myself. Like last time, I'll have the daily injections for 2 weeks. Then I will have my blood test and consultation on the 13 October and start with the Gonal F injections.

I'm still taking my vitamins, eating normally, and getting daily back massages from a shiatsu massage seat with remote control I got for my b-day. Getting older is not so fun, but getting a cool gift sure helps. I love deep tissue massages and this massage seat is no sissy, it really gets into my back with 2 rolling balls that goes up and down along my back. It's heavenly!

I'll be crossing my fingers and toes, hoping and praying and focusing on positive and zen thoughts. With all of this, perhaps I will have a bun in the oven by November. Gotta stay positive!