Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Making a Baby Redefined

I always thought I'd get knocked up the old fashioned way. Going to first base (kissing), heading towards second base and so on until we hit a home run. Unfortunately we've been striking out, so now we need to redefine the bases.

We hit first base today, successfully. First base in my world consists of a lot of paperwork (photocopying our ID, marriage certificate, signing consent forms, etc.)and getting various tests done. Our paperwork with the new doctor is now in order. Results are in and the Cat Man's sperm is normal (yippee, at least one of us is) and my blood tests are fine so our new doctor has given us the green light for our 3rd IVF cycle, starting on the 3 March. Unfortunately, I still have the pesky cyst on my right ovary (25mm).

Second base starts on 3 March with a lot of meds, injections, bloating,etc.

Third base is retrieval and transfer. Retrieval will be around the 21 March and transfer to be around the 25 March.

Home run is if we get that big fat positive!

I am running the bases full speed ahead. That pesky cyst better not get in my way or I will run it down! I've also got a great team to support me (hubby, doctors, nurses, even the government who is paying for most of this treatment and last but not least, my kitties who give me a lot of love and snuggles). I'm determined to make a baby, even if it involves different types of bases and a whole team of people to help us out. Can not make a baby the old fashioned way, but thank goodness there are alternatives for the fertility challenged.

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womb for improvement said...

You're about a month behind me then? Cool.

Hope we both hit that home run, and celebrate by nine months of no booze.