Thursday, March 24, 2011

3rd and Hopefully Final Retrieval

Was feeling down in the dumps, so I haven't been updating. Full of emotions for this 3rd round of IVF and it has put a lot of tension on myself and our marriage. I was feeling like my hubby didn't get it, meaning how infertility can be extremely difficult. I also felt like it wouldn't bother him so much if it didn't work out, if we have a baby, great, if not, c'est la vie, no big deal. After some yelling matches, frustrations, and tears we were finally able to understand that we want the same thing, ie: have a baby, but we express it in different ways and that although IVF has been difficult on me, as a woman, it's also is stressful for a man. We are on the same page, but sometimes we read things with a different perspective. After all of our recent arguments and fights, I do feel closer to my hubby and that we can go forward, stronger as a couple (but it did take a lot of time to get there!).

Went in for retrieval this morning. Went smoothly, had general anaesthetic, and feeling fine, which is great, because the last 2 times I had abdominal pain. We have 10 follicles, which is a record for me, so great news, but we are not sure how many of these follicles are mature enough to be eggs, so not getting overly excited.

We are to call the clinic on Saturday morning to get an update. If all is ok, transfer could be as soon as Saturday, in 2 days!

Feeling a lot of pressure for this to work - it's our 3rd and hopefully final round of IVF.


clewis said...

A very good luck. It is such a stressful time. For both of you. I really hope it's 3rd time lucky!

Nicole said...

I really hope this is your time!! Im thinking of you guys!