Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hysteroscopy, Cervical Dilation, Transfer Test, FET

This past month I've been getting ready for my FET (frozen embryo transfer).

Started Gonal F injections earlier this month with minimal dosage prescribed. Went for the usual blood tests and ultrasounds to monitor everything.

In March they could not do the transfer due to the catheter getting blocked in my cervix, so I had a hysteroscopy, which confirmed that the entry to my uterus is very complicated, therefore they performed a cervical dilation, which opened up the entry to my uterus to make transfer easier.

Went in for a mock transfer with 2 doctors and they were not able to place the catheter in my uterus. Cervix still very much tight and closed off.

Went in for another mock transfer with a different doctor. She was able to place the catheter, however with a lot of difficulty.

Had the FET yesterday with not 1 but 2 doctors! They said it was the most challenging transfer they had in their whole career and although difficult, they managed to place the catheter in the right place. This was confirmed with an abdominal and vaginal ultrasound. 2 blastocysts were placed into their new home and hopefully they will feel comfortable enough to stay for 9 months.

Although I've done 3 IVF cycles, I feel like this is the one where I have a real chance. The first IVF cycle was a bust since we didn't produce any embryos. The second IVF cycle was another bust, as they misplaced the embryos during transfer. They did it in 5 minutes and did not notice any cervical complexities. This time, my third and hopefully last cycle, in the hands of a new and wonderful doctor, I've got 5 frozen blastocysts and the transfer this time around was done correctly.

For the moment I'm resting up and I am anxiously waiting to have my first blood test on the 8th June! Can't wait!