Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Cat Lady Continues Her Adventures

Come and join The Cat Lady at her new blog:  The Cat Lady and Jules. This is where I will be documenting my adventures as a mommy to my darling baby boy, Jules.  To join us click here

Monday, April 2, 2012

Once Upon a Time....Happily Ever After

After 3 IVF cycles + 1 FET, we are delighted to welcome our little miracle, Jules.  He has brought us so much happiness in such a short amount of time already!  Motherhood is simply amazing and certainly a lot of work!! 

To make a long story short, the labour was very long and painful, as the epidural tube fell out of my back, so I was in screaming pain.  For about 10 hours the mid-wife kept saying "the pain is normal" rather than investigating why the epidural wasn't working. 

On the other hand, when the doctor arrived, he was super awesome.  The actual pushing only took about 20 minutes and when the baby had his head and arms out, the doctor told me to reach out, take the baby and pull the rest of him out myself.  I was quite surprised that he wanted me to pull the baby out of myself, but I did and it was unbelievable.  Certainly a memorable moment!

Well, this is the end of my blog.  I achieved what we wanted and now we are embarking upon a new adventure.  Infertility was a long journey (about a 5 year process for us), however we conquered it and now we are a family of 3 with a lot of cats in tow.  Thanks for the support, comments and positive vibe I have received from everyone.  It was a bumpy ride, but we made it!! 

Friday, February 24, 2012

Introducing Jules

We did it! Gave birth on the 17 February 2012! Presenting our little baby boy, Jules, weighing in at 3.50 kgs and measuring 51.50 cms. Birth story to come later, as this little dude is keeping me quite busy.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Countdown Revised

Something got lost in translation, my math is totally off or it's a combination of both. Went to see my OB and he said that my due date is the 29 February, since the transfer was done on the 30 May 2011. He said it did not matter if the embryo was 2 or 5 days old. I thought I was due mid-February all this time! He examined me and informed me that I will probably not go into labour soon, as the baby is still high up and my cervix is still quite closed up. Oh well, all this time I was counting down to the wrong date and we were so worried that the baby would come too soon. I don't feel any contractions, just the normal achy back from time to time and at this stage I'm certainly waddling like a duck. It's also getting more difficult for me to manage my diet. I just want to eat everything, but this is very very bad for me and the baby!

For the last 2 months my hubby won't let me go out with the car, so I've been stuck at home and we've organized a lady to clean the house once a week, so I think I'm a bit too relaxed. I need to get more active so this baby is motivated to make a move! Furthermore, as everything is progressing normally, the mid-wife only comes to our place once a week now, which is fine with me, as 3 times a week was a bit too much.

If our little boy does arrive on the 29 February, he will be a leap year baby. Having a birthday every 4 years is not so fun, but it's a good way to stay young forever!

If I've got everything right in my head, 14 more days and counting! Can't wait!

Monday, January 16, 2012

36 weeks and Counting - Due Date: 15 February 2012

Still here and waiting for THE DAY! The baby and I have been very well behaved; me staying at home and getting a lot of rest and the baby staying put in my warm belly. The mid-wife is happy with our progress and 1 more week to go and the baby will not be considered premature, if I happen to give birth earlier.

The baby room is far from ready, therefore we've put everything in our bedroom, baby bed, changing table, etc. I think once the baby arrives and cries in our room, the Cat Man will be motivated to finish off the baby room. Actually, it's not a question of motivation, it's an issue of time, as he's been really busy with work.

I've been given instructions from the hospital for THE DAY. We are to go when I have contractions every 5 minutes for 2 hours. This means I will have to manage a lot of time at home, however personally, I think I will go when the contractions are every 10 minutes, I don't want to cut it too close. Right before going to the hospital, I'm to take a suppository to empty out my you know what and take an antiseptic shower. With regard to the pain, anytime my cervix is 4cm dilated, the anesthesiologist will give me a local anesthesia to numb the area and then give me the epidural. They will keep us in the hospital for 5 days and if there are complications, up to 7 days. This all sounds great in theory and hopefully everything will go off without a hitch.

Here are some cool presents we've received:

All the baby essentials from my cousin in Canada. Blankets, PJs, onsies, etc.

Everything to keep a baby warm, clean and comfy. How awesome!

made knitted cardigans from a wonderful lady in our village. She also made a grey one, but that one is packed away in my suitcase.

Cute little bunny with baby perfume from my dear friend. Baby perfume! How chic and tres French!

Converse sneakers! So cool! I had a pair when I was in junior high! This is going to be one stylish baby!

Baby movements are very frequent. Weight gain so far, 8 kilos. Have been feeling Braxton Hicks contractions in my lower abdominal area. Gestational diabetes is overall under control through diet, although I am craving chips and cakes like crazy! Blood pressure is normal. Sleeping habits still the same, wake up at around 4:00am, watch TV and fall back asleep. Almost there!

Friday, December 30, 2011

33 Weeks and Counting

Normally, my due date is mid-February, however my little guy seems eager to start life early. Was hospitalized for 2 days, right before Christmas, as my blood pressure shot up. Took medication to reduce the blood pressure, which is now normal and I really need to watch my diet, so that my gestational diabetes does not act up. They also gave me a shot of cortisone in my butt, so that the baby's lungs mature faster, just in case he decides to come out early. So much for a medicine-free pregnancy. I was actually feeling great and by chance, when I saw my lung specialist, he advised me of my blood pressure. After that, I went to the pharmacy for 2 days, and they confirmed that my blood pressure was a bit on the high side. I then contacted my doctor and he had me come in for a check up and voila, he put me in the hospital immediately, which surprised me, as I really didn't feel tired or bad. I didn't have time to pack a bag, so my poor husband had to organize all my stuff for me. I admit, I am a high maintenance cat lady, so he had a lot to bring to the hospital, even if it was a short stay. I need all my creams and magic potions, otherwise I look like a scary cat lady. During my stay at the hospital, I did start seeing "black flies" in front of my eyes, which is a symptom of high blood pressure. It actually looked like large black dust particles.

Anyhow, that's all behind me now. I had some good bed rest, ordered a lot of baby stuff online, as I'm really not ready yet and had my last ultrasound today. The baby measures normally, heart is in good condition and he weighs around 2kgs.

For good measure, the doctor has asked a mid-wife to visit me 3 times a week. She brings a monitoring machine and registers the baby's heartbeat for 30 minutes, takes my urine sample and blood pressure. The machine can also tell if I have any contractions. During the first visit, I actually had 3 contractions during the 30 minutes! I didn't even feel them, but she said the machine never lies. During the second visit, no contractions, so I guess bed rest does really make a difference.

The care in France is top notch! I'm in really good hands, feeling very zen and it's all going to happen very soon! So exciting! Just need to keep this bun in the oven for a few more weeks and then it's rock and roll!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

6-1/2 Months and Counting

Getting closer! 2-1/2 months to go and we'll get to meet our little guy (yippee!)

Registered for the following courses that is 100% covered by the French social security (double yippee!):

-3 x aqua gym classes (which is heavenly for my back and leg cramps)



-baby care

-2 x fetal monitoring from a mid-wife closer to the time of delivery

My asthma started to come back a bit at the end of November, so I did use the inhaler once and felt much better. To be cautious, I've taken an appointment with the lung specialist again for next week.

Recently found out that I have gestational diabetes. The test is quite simple, I had a blood test, then drank a tall glass of sugar water and they took a blood test after the first and second hour. My sugar level was just a wee bit over the limit, which sucks because I luvvv to eat. Went to the specialist and now I need to prick my finger 6 times a day and measure my sugar level (before and after each meal). This is no big deal, because they gave me a little gadget that does all the work and I'm so used to getting shots during IVF treatment that I'm now a pro at taking it. Honestly, the prick to the finger feels like a little pinch. I also need to watch what I eat. Nothing too strict, but I need to limit my starch intake, no desserts and avoid sugar, as much as possible! I didn't know this, but bananas have a very high level of sugar content. Anyhow, I've been measuring my sugar level and it's been normal, so I suppose I'm being good for now, however this is going to be hard with Christmas coming up! The risk to the baby is that he will be too big and I may need to have a C-section if that is the case, but the doctor thinks that if I control my diet well, all should be fine. The diabetes should also go away after giving birth, so that is a relief! However, I do need to lose some pounds after the birth so I don't get it in the future. I suppose my love for food has finally caught up with me :-(

Feeling the baby more, although nothing dramatic, I feel tender kicks from time to time (mostly in the morning and evening). I've gained 7 kilos so far, my blood pressure is good and feeling quite energetic.

Happy Holidays and be sure to eat some extra desserts for me for Christmas! I suppose I'll be tasting all the yummy stuff with my eyes and nose!