Saturday, June 19, 2010

Bad For The Sperm

The last 3 months, the Cat Man has been working like crazy. He has been working 7 days a week and many late nights. His job is very manual, so he comes home physically and mentally exhausted. I did everything possible to support him during this difficult time (ex: making yummy meals, massaging his broken back and even bathing him when he had no strength left). He finished this crazy job yesterday, thank goodness! As he was under so much stress, I haven't really bothered him too much about IVF.

This morning, while I was getting ready for the day, I saw an open bottle of stomach medicine. I questioned him about it and he said he had a stomach ache, so he took some last night. I got a bit upset, telling him he should not take any medicine before Monday. I told him that this may be bad for the sperm. He said he didn't realise and that it was duly noted. Then he proceeded to have a cigarette. He's been smoking for most of his life and I know that 2 days before retrieval is not going to make a difference, but I told him to try and smoke as little as possible, as this is bad for the sperm. Again, duly noted by the Cat Man. At lunch time, as usual, he had some red wine, as most Frenchmen do. I told him to drink less alcohol until Monday, as this is bad for the sperm. Again, duly noted. He then took his afternoon sieste (cat nap) and when he woke up he had his second coffee of the day. I told him not to drink so much coffee, as this is bad for the sperm. He then told me that nagging is bad for the sperm. At this point, the Cat Lady and the Cat Man were going to get into a big cat fight!

I know that 2 days before the retrieval is not going to make a big difference. We have agreed to the following: he will try to curb his bad habits for the next 2 days (he's a typical Frenchman who likes to smoke, have a few cups of expresso and drink his red wine and Pastis) and I will do my best not to nag him (but I've got about 3 months of nagging built up inside of me). By the way, while I'm writing this post, the Cat Man requested a glass of red wine. He said that red wine is very good for his heart. Oh brother! I told him ok but no Pastis. May the force be with us.


Had my trigger shot this evening and did not feel any pain.

Offered the Cat Man a tall glass of water with his meal this evening. Claimed that he is allergic to water and needs wine, but made the effort and drank his water like a good little boy, sans vin.