Thursday, March 17, 2011

Need those Follies to Grow!

Started Menopur last week and had my first ultrasound yesterday. They see around 11 follicles, but they are very small and think that if I'm lucky there are only about 6-7 that might be good. Go for another ultrasound and blood test tomorrow. Doctor said that both ovaries are quite damaged by the cysts, so getting some good quality eggs will be tough. Let's hope that my ovaries can produce at least a few quality eggs for me by next week!


womb for improvement said...

I was amazed hoe much everything changed from scan to scan (always getting better) so I reckon you are starting off strong and it can only get better.

Best of luck.

Nicole said...

I know 11 is considered 'small' but its also HUGE for people who have trouble with fertility so woohoo to your 11 and I hope next time you go in you get an even bigger number!

womb for improvement said...

How's it going?