Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Bit Clueless

I've been going to the clinic every second day for an echography and blood test. Nothing exciting, they told me to continue treatment and to lower the dose for Gonal F. Normally I should have retrieval on Monday, but the doctor told me today that it is too soon (feeling a bit disappointed). Not really sure if my body is reacting well to treatment, as they don't really give much information. It's a bit my fault too, as I don't ask questions, but they rush us in and out so quickly that I don't really have the chance to ask. Seriously, I'm with the doctor for no more than 3 minutes. I don't even know what to ask specifically. Other IVF blogs seem to know all the medical jargon like beta, fet, etc. and I don't even know what that means. Unfortunately, nothing has really been explained to me. I rely heavily on internet for IVF information. Since IVF is free in France, perhaps they just do their job as quickly as possible, rather than spending some time with the patient to explain the process, their progress, etc. I usually don't chat much when I get my haircut, but I have more of a conversation with my hairdresser than with my doctor. I go back on Friday, so I think I'll write down some questions in advance to ask. At this stage, if I continue treatment, I'll take it as a good sign.

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