Friday, June 18, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt

Well, it's not Easter, but there will be an egg hunt! Retrieval day has been confirmed for Monday! Went for the usual echography and blood test today. Apparently, there is some kind of strike going on at the hospital. I'm not surprised, in France it is unusual if there is not a strike going on somewhere. The nurses were still working, but wore stickers on their uniform ("en greve" meaning on strike) and the doctor was not in (not sure if it's because of the strike), however someone else took care of me. They may be on strike, but I'm grateful that it did not affect my care. They said I've got about 10 eggs that are ready to be retrieved for Monday. Wow, I'm so pleased with this news. I know it's still early at this stage, but I'm just grateful that I can continue on this journey.

I go in at 7:00 on Monday, will have the procedure done under general anesthesia, as retrieval can be painful for women who have endometriosis. I'm glad, as I have a really low pain threshold. I should be out of the hospital the same day at around 3:00 in the afternoon. The Cat Man will go in on Monday also, to give his donation to this cause. I hope he manages, as he is not really comfortable with this type of thing.

Tomorrow evening, I will have a new injection (Ovitrelle), which is apparently to trigger ovulation. We're almost there! I am truly blessed to have reached this point and I hope and pray that I will continue to have good news.


Lu said...

Good luck! Your ten eggs sound promising and I hope it results in some nice embryos to be implanted next week.

Mrs BabyDream said...

Best of luck Cat Lady! I'm very excited for you!