Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Countdown Revised

Something got lost in translation, my math is totally off or it's a combination of both. Went to see my OB and he said that my due date is the 29 February, since the transfer was done on the 30 May 2011. He said it did not matter if the embryo was 2 or 5 days old. I thought I was due mid-February all this time! He examined me and informed me that I will probably not go into labour soon, as the baby is still high up and my cervix is still quite closed up. Oh well, all this time I was counting down to the wrong date and we were so worried that the baby would come too soon. I don't feel any contractions, just the normal achy back from time to time and at this stage I'm certainly waddling like a duck. It's also getting more difficult for me to manage my diet. I just want to eat everything, but this is very very bad for me and the baby!

For the last 2 months my hubby won't let me go out with the car, so I've been stuck at home and we've organized a lady to clean the house once a week, so I think I'm a bit too relaxed. I need to get more active so this baby is motivated to make a move! Furthermore, as everything is progressing normally, the mid-wife only comes to our place once a week now, which is fine with me, as 3 times a week was a bit too much.

If our little boy does arrive on the 29 February, he will be a leap year baby. Having a birthday every 4 years is not so fun, but it's a good way to stay young forever!

If I've got everything right in my head, 14 more days and counting! Can't wait!

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JustHeather said...

I've always thought a leap year baby would be fun. Good luck on these last few days, may the pass relatively quickly and without much event.