Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Change of Plan

Called the hospital on Monday to tell them that I had my period, however they said that legally I was obliged to take the blood test, so I did. Got the results today and of course it came back as a big fat negative. No surprise there.

I really don't like this hospital. They have a set and very basic formula and apply it to all the patients. Everyone starts the Gonal F injections on a Wednesday, everyone has the retrieval on a Monday and everyone has the transfer 48 hours later, on the Wednesday. It truly feels like an IVF factory and that their goal is to see as many patients as possible, rather than focusing on the success rate. No one in this hospital seems to think outside of the box.

I wrote an email to my gynaecologist and explained how I felt, so he has kindly given me the contact details of another clinic that provides IVF treatment. I have an appointment on the 26 November 2010. I think this clinic is semi-private, so we may have to pay for some of the costs out of our own pocket. Hopefully they are more proactive and can help us with our baby dream. Perhaps third time's a charm.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm very sorry to hear about the second failed attempt. You must be both miserable and furious with the way they are treating you like a number. I'm wouldn't happen to be in Toulouse would you?

Lucy, a woman in a similar situation in France

The Cat Lady said...

Hi Lucy, thx for your comment. Getting treatment in Nice. Is IVF better in Toulouse? Do you have a blog that I could follow, so we could exchange and compare experiences?

Anonymous said...

Actually, I don't. And, because I get pregnant pretty easily (at 41) they won't do IVF for least that is what I was told Monday. My problem is miscarriage. But I have not yet found a single doctor with a single suggestion. I've been doing it all by myself with research, rushing into my General doctor and asking her to prescribe me this and that blood test. Sigh. Any suggestions?

The Cat Lady said...

Sorry to hear about your difficulties. Unfortunately, this whole pregnancy thing is such a challenge for many women :-(

I'm not an expert on miscarriage, however after the embryo transfer, I took Progesterone, as it helps with the lining of the uterus. I'm guessing you have already taken Progesterone, so I'm not suggesting anything new. Is your husband French? If so, I would suggest taking him to the appointment with your doctor, preferably the gynaecologist. They seem to take me more seriously when my FRENCH husband is with me. Although I can speak French, they still consider me an outsider and with my French hubby around they seem to take my requests and needs more seriously. I wish I could be more helpful and I hope that you find some answers soon. Let me know how you get on. Take care!