Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hello Kitty

I'm the Cat Lady so it's time to introduce my family of furry felines. To give you some background, before I met my hubby, I was actually a dog person and did not like cats. I was actually afraid of cats, thinking they liked to scratch people with their sharp claws and I also had some allergies. My husband has a total passion for cats and with time I converted and also became a cat lover (even got over my allergies). Getting to know what cats are truly like, they are amazing creatures! I've also become one of those people who buy cat things, like cat posters, cat figurines, and I even have a cat t-shirt (the t-shirt is for me, not for my cat. I do not dress my cats up in ridiculous outfits). A bit over the top, but trust me, these are unique cat items, not the tacky stuff.

This is Tigrette (aka Titi) and she is the first cat we adopted. She has the character of a little tiger, she's very intelligent, knows how to open doors and loves to eat.

This is Lucille (aka Lulu) and she is the second cat we adopted. She loves to snuggle, would win any meowing contest, as she has strong vocal cords and in the summer I put sunblock on her ears, as they are white and burn quite easily.

This is Black Jack (aka Blacky) and he is the third cat we adopted. I thought it was so cute when he was in front of this Chat Noir poster. He's always doing cute things without even knowing it.

This is Foxy and he is the fourth cat we adopted. He likes his freedom, wonders off to who knows where during the day and comes by for dinner when he gets hungry. Then he's off again!

We are one big happy cat family!

"If man could be crossed with the cat it would improve the man, but it would deteriorate the cat." - Mark Twain


lis said...

your cats are adorable! im allergic, so its just dogs for me, but they look so shiny and happy and well loved!

thinking of you, any news yet?


Sonja said...

LOVE your kitties!!!

womb for improvement said...

Loving Black Jack's picture. I'm more of a dog person but could totally get on board with a few felines (unfortunately my dog is a little bit too fond of cats).

The Cat Lady said...

Thanks for everyone's comments!

Lis - no news. won't have any until September, which is my next IVF appointment.

Makariya said...

Love your cats! They are so different and look like such characters.